Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sorry I haven't been around...

It's been a manic summer with one thing and another! 

In my last post I was working on a piece for a challenge about calmness and serenity - well that went out of the window more or less as soon as I had found my stride. I can't complain as I was taken away for a last minute week in the sun, Zakinthos to be exact. It was just what the doctor ordered but with only 18 hours notice it was a little manic to say the least.

One week later, all sun kissed and relaxed we land back in Manchester and the new silly automated passport system didn't recognise me - major embarrassment as everyone filed through without any problems. I'm sure the confusion was due to the fact I looked like I was auditioning for Charlie and the Chocolate factory with a very sun tanned face!

Fast forward 16 hours and Master Archie came to stay as little Miss Ava checked into Children's hospital for her adenoids and tonsils removed. A few slightly traumatic and action packed days later and I was ready for another holiday!

It has taken a few weeks but Ava is recovering well and enjoying the attention. However, she isn't eating well which is a worry as she's only a slight little girly. The summer has flown by and my poor little room of goodies hasn't been touched and now I'm about to go on my organised annual holiday with the youngest two of my lovely boys. 

This will be a holiday to treasure as Jacob has just got A* in his A levels and is all set to start his university life in September. I can't imagine life without him. Since I became ill he has been my company and support in the daytime. He is fantastic son but also an amazing friend. We are all so very proud of him for working so hard.

I've also have some very exciting news to share. It probably isn't a big deal to most people but to me, well it is. I entered a challenge over at 'A Vintage Journey' to motivate myself into creating again, nothing more. I've always had classes to give me a kick in the derriere so never lacked a reason to go into my room and create but that's not the case at present so I had to find the motivation elsewhere. I never expected it to come to anything, I'm very new to blog challenges but I've been chosen as one of the design teams top 3! I squealed with happiness for days until I realised I was getting on people's nerves and to them it wasn't such a big deal! A very BIG THANK YOU to all the lovely design team who voted for me, you have made me a very happy lady indeed. I shall wear my badge with pride.

So I won't be back until September as I'm going to enjoy the sunshine and the company of my boys before they return to school. I hope you're having a lovely summer where ever you may be and I hope to see you back here soon.

Much love, Julie x