Hello Lovelies

I'm a Mum of four; three stinky boys and one headstrong girly! My fabulous daughter is now a Mummy and as a result I'm also Nannie to two beautiful bouncing, joyful grandchildren - another headstrong girl - Ava (seeing a pattern yet?) and a happy, always smiling Archie (unless Ava is giving him too much Love)!

I've spent many years teaching. My daytime job was spent teaching and mentoring children and young people with complex learning difficulties and medical needs, a profession I loved with all my heart. In my spare time I taught adults the joy of ink, paint and everything messy, and miss the interaction immensely. 

Why am I not doing these jobs which gave me so much joy? Due to health problems, I have been forced (kicking and screaming) into taking life at a slower pace. After three years spent recovering I am now hoping to continue my own creative journey.

Along with a number of complex health issues, my main cause for taking life at a snails pace is Adrenal failure. If you wish to know more about Addison's Disease, please feel free to get in touch. It is a very complicated, soul destroying, rare disease but since diagnosis I have learnt of others living with it and as I've learnt through teaching, supporting one another can make a world of difference.

Art and craft is my last stand.

Much love, J x

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