Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Let it Snow...


What's the weather like? I predicted a cold and snowy winter but didn't expect 4 inches of the white stuff! And it's started again...

I'm enjoying the company of my 14 year old son, that's when he can drag himself away from the Xbox. My older one is supposedly away at University but today he's sledging with his highly intellectual friends on a baking tray!!! Honestly, I am worried, he's studying Geo Politics - scary thought that one day he could have a job of real responsibility. My grandchildren are out building snowmen and snow angels while their parents freeze - it's amazing how you forget that youthful enthusiasm for snow as the years tick by. Meanwhile, my eldest sun is currently in Florida - he's in for such a shock when he gets home Friday, provided his flight can land!

My blog needed a few updates and in between I'm playing nicely in my workroom. Despite living in a relatively new house, my upstairs is considerably warmer than downstairs - my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Today I have some exciting news to share. I've kept a lid on it for a couple of weeks now - since Stitches to be honest. I bumped into an old friend, Kay Halliwell-Sutton of Indigo Blu. I originally designed and demonstrated for Indigo Blu when they first started their business. Now I'm  a lady of leisure and feeling a little more stable health wise, she has asked me to join her design team. I'm rather excited at the prospect and look forward to the motivation to create on a regular basis and being part of a highly creative team.

In the past I have taught, professionally and also mixed media art as a hobby/ part-time business.  After suffering a major adrenal crisis (Addison's Disease) I had little choice but to finish work and so far it has taken four years to recover partially. Part of this adjustment has been struggling with loosing my sense of identity. I loved my job and the motivation it presented. So, designing may not sound like a big deal but it presents so much more to me. Thank you Kay and Alfie for this opportunity.

Right, I think I may go and turn the thermostat up a little higher as it's currently -4 outside and feeling a little nippy inside. Whatever you're doing, stay safe and warm.

Hugs, J xx

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