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It's time for a Challenge...

Morning Peeps

We have a new challenge over at 'I Love Indigo Blu - Facebook Page' and the Challenge is to create a piece inspired by Christmas /Winter.

Sue has posted a fabulous project using a Master Board. It's such a clever idea and you can check out the full tutorial here at Bird Cage Craft Studio. We would love to see your entries so why not pop over to Facebook and enter your Indigo Blu inspired Christmas/ Winter cards and projects.

So I thought it might be an idea to create a keepsake and card in one. This collapsing box has room for you to add a gift card or keepsake card and has room for a handmade bauble in the centre.

I used a collection of stamps so here they are... firstly the bauble border is from the new 'Baubles A6 Stamp Set', the baubles panels are stamped using the 'Frosted Baubles A6 Stamp Set' and the greeting is from the 'Seasons Greeting A6 Stamp Set'. Click on the name of the relevant stamp to be taken to the Indigo Blu Shop.

The project has been broken down into stages as it is quite a lengthy tutorial! I have created this using standard A4 sheets of card but you can make it from A3 but in my experience it doesn't prove any easier. I would grab a cuppa and possibly a sweet snack

To Create the Box
Take an A4 sheet of strong white card and cut two panels measuring 9.5 x 28.5cm. Score the panels at 9.5cm and another at 19cm. These will form the outside structure of the box. Using strong glue stick the two central panels together as shown to create a cross shape

For the inside of the box, cut two panels to measure 8.5 x 26.5cm. Score these at 8.5cm and again at 18cm. Stick together as in step 1. Stick this into the centre of the box as shown below

Cut another two panels to measure 9.5 x 15.5cm. Score these at 3cm and again at 12.5. These will form the lid. Stick together as in step 1

Using Indigo Blu Perfect Stamping Card, cut 10 panels to measure 9 x 9cm. These will create the decorative panels for the outside and inside layers of the box plus one for the inside centre and one for the lid centre

Using the same cardstock, cut 4 panels measuring 8 x 8cm. These will form the inside decorative panels

Again, using the Perfect Stamping Card, cut a panel to measure 10 x 8cm (pocket), another to measure 3 x18cm (handle) and 4 panels measuring 2.5 x 9cm (lid edge panels) 

Cut 10 panels from lightweight black cardstock to measure 9.2 x 9.2cm and another 4 to measure 8.2 x 8.2cm. These will form the mats for the decorative panels. Now cut 4 measuring 2.7 x 9.2cm

Cut another strip of card 3 x 29.5cm and another 3 x 10.5cm, these will form the lid wrap. Score the longer strip at 9.5cm, 19cm and 28.5cm. Score the short strip at 9.5cm. Add double sided tape to the 1cm overlap on the end of the short strip and stick it to the long strip, leaving the other 1cm overlap at the opposite end

To Create the Panels

Start by applying Duck Egg Acrylic Paint to all the white cardstock panels using a baby wipe. Once dry mix Mermaid Tail Luscious Powder with clean water creating a liquid wash consistency. Apply in the same dabbing motion with a damp baby wipe to all the previously painted panels. Leave to dry

Using the Baubles Stamp set, ink up the Baubles border stamp using  Versafine Black Ink and stamp onto the bottom of one of the 9cm coloured panels.  Quickly add clear embossing powder to the stamped area and emboss using a heat tool. I would recommend embossing as the high level of mica in the luscious powders will show through a stamped image even if using a permanent ink. Repeat three times more using the 9cm coloured panels. Add highlights to the baubles using a little White Gee so Good. Mat and layer to the corresponding black panels and adhere with strong glue to the outside face of the box as shown below

Black Ink and stamp the chosen elements onto a coloured 9cm panel. Emboss as explained in the previous step then repeat on another 9cm panel

Repeat previous step using two 8cm panels. You will have to take care to get the bauble element onto the panel. TOP TIP - I use the Tonic stamping platform to help me position stamps/ panels. Simply add a piece of copier paper to the stamping platform base and stamp your image. Next, place your card panel over the stamped image to ensure you stamp in the exact position. Secure with the magnets and re-stamp. Voila... perfect positioning without tearing your hair out! (I'm not a gizmo type of girl but the stamping platform is excellent for positioning and stamping if you have any issues applying pressure - you'll never miss part of a stamped image again)

Take the Lace Mandala Stencil and position over a 9cm panel. Carefully apply Super Slap it On using a palette knife. Work in one direction as though you are buttering toast for a perfect finish. Set to one side to dry and repeat the process on two more 9cm panels. Leave the remaining panel plain

Mat and layer all the panels onto their respective black card

To create the shaped pocket for the gift card, take the 10 x 8cm panel of card and cut into two 5 x 8cm pieces. Mark one panel 1.5cm up from the bottom. It should measure 1.5cm(left) x 8cm(bottom)x 5cm(right). Draw a line from the 5cm side across to the 1.5cm mark and cut excess cardstock away. Repeat this process for the other panel but measure 2.5cm from the bottom. Stick together along the bottom edge then stick the pocket to the remaining 8cm panel 

Attach two of the 9cm Frosted Bauble panels to the inside face of the box and the stencilled panels to the other two faces

Alternate the 8cm Frosted bauble panels and stick to the inside layer of the box. Stick the greeting to another face and the Gift Card Pocket to the opposite face. Adhere the spare plain panel to the base of the box

To create the box lid, Adhere the final stencilled panel to the centre of the lid. Mat the four coloured panels for the outside edge of the box onto their black panels and stick these to the long strip which will create the lid band. Glue the strip to one edge of the box lid before pulling tight and attaching the other end with the flap and double sided tape. Attach the handle between the box edge and the inside of the lid band with double sided tape as shown below

Add pearls to the finished panels and set the box aside. It is designed to hold a custom made bauble which will be the final stage 

To Create the Bauble

Take a clear bauble and separate the two parts. Apply Ugly Duckling acrylic paint with a baby wipe to the inside. Dry gently with a heat tool or allow to air dry before applying a second coat of paint. Once dry place on scrap paper before spraying with matt varnish. Quickly apply Unicorn Sparkles Glitter over the wet varnish and leave to completely dry. Repeat on the other half of the bauble (be prepared to sparkle and shine for days to come as the glitter will shed a little - place on a large piece of paper so you can catch any excess)

Once completely dried, join the two pieces together. Take three small white fluffy feathers and stick to the top of the bauble using wet glue. Allow to dry before adding a little ivory pearly trim. Add a pearl snowflake or embellishment of your choice to the centre front of the bauble. Attach a ribbon for hanging and a neat little bow to finish

Add the bauble to the box and your ready to go...

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Apologies for the length but hopefully you can follow all the steps involved.

So are you getting crafty for Christmas?  Please leave a comment and let me know what you're making.

Don't forget to enter your Christmas makes into the 'I Love Indigo Blu Monthly Challenge'. Simply check out the Challenge rules and enter your creations to be in with a chance to win a fabulous prize from kay and Alfie at Indigo Blu.

Bye for now, Julie x x

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