Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The journey begins...

Morning All

Well the sun is still shining here in Yorkshire. The heat is less oppressive today but the forecast is for high temperatures later this morning so I think I may stay in the shade and continue trying to get the gallery section of my blog up to date.

I've had to rack my poor brain to try and recall some html from years ago (you wouldn't believe I used to manage/ customise website for a job)! I'm hoping to manage to add a sub section as there's far too many images to just plonk into a gallery but we will see. Give me Dreamweaver any day of the week... I'm so new to blogger and since my adrenal crisis the old brain cells are refusing to wake up and work with me.

I'm also hoping to post some tutorials and projects from my teaching days. I had hoped to do this whilst teaching full time but never had enough hours in the week. One of the lovely ladies I used to teach got in touch and reminded me of the fun we had in classes and this has spurred me on to doing something. So Amy, in homage to you and all the crafty crew, this is for you.

Hope you are enjoying your creative journey.

Hugs for now,

Julie x

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