Monday, 26 June 2017

Good morning all...

Morning, morning....

Well after 24 hours of dusting the far reaches of my brain I have finally managed to drag out enough html to create a drop down menu for my gallery and have begun to add some images of the many projects and classes I've taught.

Please feel free to take inspiration from them but should you recreate anything could you please be kind and add a link back to my blog?

We had the pleasure of our gorgeous grand children yesterday. We had a barbecue (not the worlds biggest fan) and lots of cake for our daughter's partner's birthday. He has been working silly hours in a new job and we're all so proud of him so decided on a little get together. The children had lots of fun running around the garden and promptly fell asleep in the car home. Fast forward a few hours and a slightly distraught daughter rings to show us what their little power nap has led to...

After I had stopped laughing I explained these are the moments to treasure and remember as they grow. I'm biased but aren't they just adorable?

We will have to buy mummy a new lipstick when we go shopping this week... and new nail polish after Ava decided to paint her leg in every colour polish she could find in her mummy's top drawer (she was supposed to be sleeping and the safety gate was closed)!

We all remember nicking Mum's makeup when we were in our early teens, right? I certainly remember Lauren stealing mine and it was always the best stuff. I think a lock on mummy's door maybe necessary as this little diva is starting early.

Right, I am going to check on my son who is resting in bed (playing x-box) after he badly sprained his ankle in PE on Friday and then I'm going to carry on putting pictures into the blog as promised.

Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine.

Julie xx

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