Friday, 8 June 2018

Lou Lucious....

Good morning Lovelies

As promised, here I am with the samples made for Lou's Indigo Blu shows live today on Hochanda. You can catch her at 12 and again at 4pm. Why not grab a coffee and relax for a little while as Lou inspires you with her uses for the fabulous new colours of Luscious Powders. If you're not excited yet wait till you hear their names!

These are my samples made using a wide collection of Indigo Blu's deep red rubber Stamps, Luscious Powders, Paints and of course, the brand new Stencils. The stencils are so new just a few of the design team got less than 12 hours to play with them before the show.

So here's what I came up with. The pictures really don't show the impressive shimmer and sparkle of the Luscious Powders but hopefully you'll get the impression...

The design team have created many fabulous samples so enjoy the show. Why not leave a comment or email the show at and show Lou some love. Let us know what your favourite Indigo Blu products are or if you'd like to see something in particular?

Tata for now, Julie xx

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