Monday, 26 June 2017

Feeling blue

Two post in one day!

I am trundling through my stored photos and can't believe how much I've missed evidencing. I've taught at a number of shops in the locality and provided samples for TV and magazines for the last 10 years and have hardly any pictures of my work!

Worse still, when teaching classes you have many restrictions, number 1 being budget. A good example is the Tim Holtz embellishments... I love anything Tim, anything Ranger but you can't provide a class of 15 people with loads of stuff or you never cover your cost. BUT, when making cards for family and friends it's no holding back and guess what... I don't have pictures of these either. Not happy is an understatement!

Is it possible to set a New Years Resolution half way through the year? Well if so mine is to start and photograph everything.

Rant to self over. Hopefully I will have more look finding pictures of the projects.

J xx

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