Friday, 30 June 2017

A personal challenge...

Hello all

I've felt rubbish this week so I've been in my craft room to keep my mind occupied. I have so many items waiting to be altered and a stash of goodies I've collected to use in my own work but just never got around to it. So, I set about a cover for an MDF journal I purchased from the MDF Man a few years ago

After sorting my blog gallery this week, I noticed my lack of colour in previous projects so decided to set myself a challenge and opted to use the colour green! As I'm feeling rubbish today (that usually means I'm not happy with what I create) I chose to work on a panel of heavy weight greyboard so if I didn't get it right I could bin it without feeling guilty!

I have a several chunky papier-mache hearts and wanted to use one in some way. Firstly, I decided to use some texture paste with my favourite 'Stripes' mask by Tim Holtz to provide some vertical direction (sorry it doesn't show very well in this picture).

Using some chipboard gears and a few odd die cuts I had hanging around I started to try various layouts. After much procrastinating, a decision had to be made or I'd be sat staring at it all day! So... I glued everything in place and painted it all green, arghhh.

Still not sure about the colour, I applied MORE green to the ensemble, albeit a shade lighter. At this point I must admit, I had no definite idea of where this was going but I was content to play on and see what happened. After all, its only card, paint and a few bits and bobs.

I wanted to add texture to the heart and decided to layer the paint a little thicker and applied direct heat to create raised bubbles of paint. You can carefully manipulate and pop these with the point of your brush. The thicker the paint, the bigger reaction you will get. NOTE: the heat tool needs to be approximately 1- 2 inches from your project to get the desired effect - take care as the paint will be hot and therefore a little sticky until it cools.

"Take a step back from your work and contemplate what is
missing"... the words of my old college tutor. A coffee (and a contemplative step back) and I feel the project is the perfect colour for rust - or rust coloured paint. Using Decoart's Media Paints - Rust Collection, I used a dry brush to stipple the various shades of brown, orange, red and umber to recreate the effect of rust. Finally, happy the colour contrast, I watered down the remaining paint and  enjoyed a good old flick to create the odd splatter (if you've attended my workshops you will know how I enjoy flicking paint around a room - the messier the better).

Following another contemplative coffee break and a sneaky biscuit I felt it needed a little gilding wax to brighten the mood. A few watch spares later and I think I'm happy for today. (the wings are even but this picture makes them look odd, I had my specks on honestly!)

If I still like the piece tomorrow I will look at painting the MDF Journal cover in yet more green and attach the panel. I will post a picture so you can see how it looks.

Hope you've enjoyed some creative play time today.


Julie xx

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