Friday, 30 June 2017

Happy Birthday Anne

Just a quick post.

My lovely neighbour and friend Anne, has had a very special birthday this week and is sooo giddy. She won't mind me sharing her age as she's so excited. Anne you certainly don't look 70 and in the best possible way, you don't act it either. I chose to make a panel she could keep rather than a card, inspired by the MDF panel made for my MDF journal a few days ago.

Giving it her I explained it wasn't a conventional card to which she replied "you're not a conventional lady". I wasn't sure how to take that but she assures me that it's a compliment? Anyhow, a quick picture of her non-conventional card...

Enjoy the rest of your birthday week special lady, love and hugs

J xx


  1. You are brilliant...such a lovely card

    1. Brilliant is a little too complimentary but thank you. You're too kind xxx